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Accounting Assistant

Accounting Assitant will be trained by the Finance and Business Advisor. Main responsibilities include emailing student groups to update them on how much they were funded by F&B as well as updating Financial Allocations as we give out funds throughout the year. The purpose of the position is to increase transparency between Associated Students and student groups and improve communication. See legal code described below:

1) Review the A.S. Finance and Business minutes after approved by Senate.

2) Update and email student groups on the outcome of their Funding Requests after minutes are al

3) Update the Financial Allocations of the Association that will be available to the public.

4) Work with the FInance and Business Advisor to develop marketing and publicity strategies for the Finance and Business Committee.

5) Appointed through the same process as the Financial Officers.

6) Other responsibilities as assigned by Finance and Business Advisor and Chair.

7) Hold office hours (3) per week in AS Main and/or the Finance and Business Committee Office

8) Is not required to attend meetings and are not given voting responsibilities

Office of the Student Advocate General: Community Outreach Coordinators

 The Community Outreach Coordinators shall:

1) Be responsible for projects and outreach that focus on advocacy and upholding student rights.

2) Serve as liaison to AS entities and other student organizations involved in advocacy efforts, including but not limited to: a) SCORE, SIRRC, Take Back the Night b) El Congreso, IDEAS c) Isla Vista Community Services District d) RHA

3) Work closely with the polling analysts in developing and executing quarterly polls that will assist in the implementation of office projects and/or other special projects.

4) Host at least one (1) quarterly town hall and/or public forum to support the implementation of a special project and assist in the development of quarterly polls.

5) Work with the External Deputy Chief of Staff, Chief of Staff, and Student Advocate General in developing the advocacy agenda.

6)  Serve a term of one (1) academic year.

7) Serve a minimum of four (4) office hours a week dedicated to fulfilling all responsibilities of the position.

Office of the Student Advocate General: Polling Analysts

1) Be responsible for conducting quarterly polls pertaining to political dialogues,  periodic needs-assessments, and/or the development of office projects  within  for the benefit of the Association and the UCSB community.

     a) Work to develop, improve, and enhance polling methodologies and implementations within the OSA.

b) Work closely with the community outreach coordinators in developing and executing quarterly polls.

c) Must work with community outreach coordinators to outline a detailed plan and timeline to successfully conduct the quarterly polls.

d) The approval of the proposed plans for polls and projects will come at the discretion of the External Chief of Staff, with the final approval of the Student Advocate General.

        2) Be responsible for executing a detailed analysis of quarterly polls.

a) Be able to present this analysis both mathematically and rhetorically to the Student Advocate General, OSA Office, and other AS entities, including Senate.

        3) Serve as a representative to communicate with the student body, AS offices, and AS Entities regarding polling data to ensure understanding of all analyses and conclusions.

        4) Serve a term of one (1) academic year.

    5) Serve a minimum of four (4) office hours per week dedicated to fulfilling all responsibilities of the position.

Office of the Student Advocate General: Internal Deputy Chief of Staff

1) Responsible for organizing and operating the Associated Students Executive Fellowship
alongside the External Chief of Staff.
2) Be responsible for the administrative tasks of the office in collaboration with the External
Deputy Chief of Staff (taking minutes, scheduling meeting times, organizing files, etc).
3) Assist the Chief of Staff in the execution of their duties
a) Will be responsible for conducting meetings if the SAG and Chief of Staff are not
available with External Deputy Chief.
4) Serve as a liaison with the other AS entities to make sure there’s a clear communication
between all AS offices with the OSA office
5) Serve as a liaison and overseer of caseworkers (all divisions) to Student Advocate
General, Chief of Staff, External Deputy Chief of Staff, and to the entire campus
6) Serve a minimum of four (4) office hours per week dedicated to fulfilling all
responsibilities of the position.
7) Serve a term of one (1) academic year.

Office of the Student Advocate General: Chief of Staff

1) Specialize in internal office affairs maintaining the day to day operations of the OSA
including the assignment and follow up of case work in coordination with the Division
Directors and advising organizations.
2) Assist in all duties performed by the Student Advocate General as requested.
3) Be responsible for planning and implementing all staff training sessions
4) Be proficiently knowledgeable of University and system wide policies, rules, and
5) Track and oversee the progress of the Advocacy Agenda and quarterly projects of the
office staff Keep Office of the Student Advocate Staff Accountable in learning and
applying university and system-wide policies, rules, and regulations.
6) Schedule office staff to attend campus events, meetings with clubs and organizations,
and meetings with administration.
7) Hold a minimum of six (6) office hours per week week dedicated to fulfilling all
responsibilities of the position.
8) In the event that the Office of the Student Advocate becomes vacant, the chief shall lead
the office staff and ensure the office operates until a new SAG is duly elected.
9) 9) Serve a term of one (1) academic year.

Collaborate Advisory Committee: Associated Students Representative to the Committee

The Collaborate Advisory Committee is comprised equally of faculty, students, and staff.
Student representatives come from Associated Students, the Student Fee Advisory Committee, the Graduate Students Association, and from each of the three L&S academic divisions. Collaborate is the Letters & Science Instructional Technology Enhancement Initiative and is administered by L&S Instructional Technology (LSIT).  The Collaborate Advisory Committee meets approximately 3 times per academic year to review the status of Collaborate projects and services, to review current project proposals, and to consider future goals and prioritization of Collaborate instructional technology projects.
Additional information can be found here:
Contact: for any questions!
Our hope for a member would be someone familiar with the instructional resources *and needs* on campus (any student in their second year or beyond).  The committee advises the Letters & Science Deans on priorities and goals for enhancing instructional technology on campus.  It’s a chance to have a real say in the technology used for classes and in classrooms.