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Committee on Committees (CoC) Online Office Hours Spring Quarter 2020


Please send an email to schedule a meeting with a member of CoC. In light of the ongoing situations of shelter in place, all meetings will be conducted over zoom. Members will be actively checking for emails to set up zoom meetings during the time specified as office hours. As always we will answer emails sent at any other time, along with answering any questions that you may have about Associated Students or Committee on Committees. Stay safe!


Internal Chair – Maryam Eapen


Office Hours:

Fridays 3-4pm


Vice Chair – Matthew Lui-Kwan 


Office Hours:

Fridays 3-5pm


Outreach and Recruitment Coordinators – Andy Lin and Jichen Zheng



Office Hours:

Andy: Fridays 3-4pm

Jichen: Mondays 11-12pm


Internal Liaison – Emily Ramirez and Griselda Huerta


Office Hours:

Emily: TBD

Griselda: Fridays 4-5pm


Internal Climate Coordinator – 


Office Hours:


Shared Governance Coordinator – Daniel Ku

Office Hours: Thursdays 3-5pm


External Sub-Committee Meeting Time:

Wednesday 4-5pm

Internal Sub-Committee Meeting Time:

Wednesday 3-4pm


HIGHLIGHTED POSITIONS: Applications open now!

  • Office of the Student Advocate (OSA):