Office of the Student Advocate General: Polling Analysts

1) Be responsible for conducting quarterly polls pertaining to political dialogues,  periodic needs-assessments, and/or the development of office projects  within  for the benefit of the Association and the UCSB community.      a) Work to develop, improve, and enhance polling methodologies and implementations within the OSA. b) Work closely with the community outreach coordinators in developing and executing quarterly polls. c) Must work with community outreach coordinators to outline a detailed plan and timeline to successfully conduct the quarterly polls. d) The approval of the proposed plans for polls and projects will come at the discretion of the External Chief of Staff, with the final approval of the Student Advocate General.         2) Be responsible for executing a detailed analysis of quarterly polls. a) Be able to present this analysis both mathematically and rhetorically to the Student Advocate General, OSA Office, and other AS entities, including Senate.         3) Serve as a representative to communicate with the student body, AS offices, and AS Entities regarding polling data to ensure understanding of all analyses and conclusions.         4) Serve a term of one (1) academic year.     5) Serve a minimum of four (4) office hours per week dedicated to fulfilling all responsibilities of the position.

Position Length: 1 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 3

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