SAG: Commissioner of Community and Climate

 Duties and Powers of the Commissioner of Community and Climate:

1. The Commissioner of Community and Climate, shall be appointed by the Student Advocate General and approved by simple majority (50% +1) of Senate.

2. The C.C. Commissioner shall serve a term of at least four (4) quarters over the span of two (2) academic years, beginning in Winter Quarter of each academic year.

a) The outgoing SAG shall recommend that the same C.C. Commissioner from their administration be appointed by the incoming SAG to serve their first quarter in office.

3. Works with the Office of the Student Advocate to facilitate bonding events within the OSA to curate a positive working environment among staff members, duties include but are not limited to:

a) Attend at least two (2) meetings per month as a member of the Commission of A.S. Community and Climate.

i. The C.C. Commission will be responsible for helping the Committee on Committees plan at least one (1) A.S. wide bonding event in the given school year.

b) Coordinate at least one (1) bonding event per month within the OSA.

i. These events should be limited in cost in order to preserve the budget of student fees for relevant projects within the office.

ii. These events are not mandatory for staff members to attend, but attendance should be highly encouraged within the office.

c) Plan at least three (3) executive-wide bonding events between all five (5) A.S. Executive Offices with the C.C. Commission.

i. These events should be held quarterly (1 each quarter), with a budget split between each executive offices’ special projects funding. This money is under the discretion of each executive officer. The commission must work with all executive officers for final decisions and allocations of money.

4. Administer three (3) mid-quarter evaluations (1 each quarter) within the OSA to analyze staff climate, and must report this information during OSA’s office meetings.

a) The C.C. Commissioner should work with the OSA’s Head of Staff, External Deputy Head of Staff and Internal Deputy Head of Staff as well as all other necessary members to analyze each general member’s sustainments and improvements within their position.

b) General members must fill out these evaluations to analyze the Student Advocate General, Head of Staff, External Deputy Head of Staff and Internal Deputy Head of Staff, any other necessary members, and the climate within the general office.

c) These analyses must be utilized by the C.C. Commissioner to create plans to alleviate any grievances a member may have within the office.

d) Except in cases of mandated reporting, the C.C. Commissioner is required to keep all evaluation results confidential and anonymous. During discussions of evaluation results confidential and anonymous. During discussions of evaluation results between office members or within the C.C. Commission, all names must be kept anonymous to maintain the privacy of each individual. Discussions must be focused on the improvement of office climate and individual growth of office members.

e) The C.C. Commissioner is required to report any concerning feedback such as threat of harm to themselves and should be able to recommend resources such as Title IX, CAPS, etc. For instances of abusive conduct or bullying, the C.C. The Commissioner is required to report such actions to the Conduct & Ethics Committee.

5) Shall hold at least two (2) office hours per week

Position Length: 1 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 1

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