Zero Waste: Co-Chairs



  1. Plan, schedule, and facilitate all ASZWC meetings.
  2. Attend every meeting unless an excused absence is obtained. Maintain necessary communication with the committee regardless of attendance.
  3. Coordinate the activities of the Committee members, subcommittees and volunteers.
  4. Serve as the official representative and spokesperson of the ASZWC .
  5. Attend at least one (1) Senate meeting per quarter to report on the activity of the Committee.
  6. Office hours are made by appointment. Meet with all individuals twice per quarter, ideally once in the beginning and the other at the end.
  7. Attend AS Assembly each quarter.
  8. Attend AS Sustainability Coalition meetings and other relevant meetings as necessary.
  9. Attend meetings with AS Staff Advisor as needed.
  10. Provide training to Committee members on project planning and structure of Associated Students.
  11. ommunicatewiththeentitiesofAssociatedStudentsonaregularbasis.
  12. Act in the capacity of any officer position in the event of that person’s absence.
  13. Maintain records of progress for current and future ZWC members.
  14. One committee member will be assigned by the chair, or be the chair themselves, to act as the liaison to the Menstrual Health and Equity Coalition in the following ways:

Position Length: 2024-2025 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 2

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