Womxn’s Health Coordinator

The A.S. Commission on Student Well Being is a body concerned with the holistic well being of
UCSB undergraduate students. Its purpose is to increase awareness, educate, advocate and serve as a reference point for student social services on campus and locally. Additionally, the
commission will create and promote programs focused on providing a positive, comfortable and educational learning experience for all on campus.

The COSWB Womxn’s Health shall serve as the leader of AuntFlow and UCSB Maintenance program in order to establish relations with a company to provide free menstrual products on campus. Due the immense need for such a program at UCSB, the creation of such a program relates to COSWB’s mission statement. A womxn’s health coordinator position under COSWB will achieve the implementation and continued oversight of a free menstrual product program on campus, along with other duties related to womxn’s health issues.
Roles/Responsibilities of the Womxn’s Health Coordinator:

– Shall plan, organize, and coordinate at least one Womxn’s Health related event per quarter
– Shall work to implement and oversee a sustainable, long-term program providing free menstrual products on campus while recognizing that menstrual health is not solely a womxn’s related issue
– Shall be open to working or collaborating on other womxn’s health related projects as well
– Serve as an available aid to other Coordinators in their event planning
– One (1) collaboration with a womxn’s health-related organization

Position Length: 1
Number of Openings: 1

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