CoC: Vice Chair

Duties and Powers of the Vice Chair:

1. Assume the duties of the Chairpeople when they are absent or as designated.

2. Assists the Chair with Committee oversight, including tracking office hours and meeting attendance for all committee members.

3. Keep an accurate and unbiased record of all meetings of the Committee on Committees, A.S. Assembly, and Candidate Deliberations.

4. Coordinate the scheduling of all interviews for the Committee on Committees.

5. Work with the Committee to schedule, advertise, and attend interviews of applicants for A.S. Committee positions (when needed) and student representative positions on Academic Senate and Administrative Advisory Committees.

6. Holds at least four (4) regular-posted office hours per week.

7. Ensure that all Candidates are informed of their acceptance or rejection, and maintain a record of who accepts and who declines.

8. Follow up on all items proposed by the A.S. Assembly and ensure that business is properly completed.

9. Maintain an accurate list of vacant positions on the Committee on Committees website.

10. Work with all the chairs of boards, Committees, and commissions to ensure necessary membership is met.

11. Creates an appropriate questions list and scoring rubric prior to interviews.

12. Attend all meetings of the Committee on Committees and A.S. Assembly.

13. Fulfill other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Chair.

14. Ensure that all Committee members are adequately prepared for Candidate deliberations.

Position Length: 1 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 1

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