UCIV is a public program that acts as a mediator between police officers and the community. In the wake of an ever-increasing police presence within Isla Vista, the EVPLA office finds it imperative to look for alternative methods to law enforcement responses in our community. To ensure all residents and UCSB Students of all backgrounds feel protected and at peace in Isla Vista, a student-led mediator program between police officers and the community is needed now more than ever. One way we hope to increase initiatives for a community-based first response to safety concerns is through UCIV! This application will be used for those interested in both the chair position and representative positions.
Please note the application closes on December 1st at 11:59 PM!
Chair Duties:
  • Attend weekly EVPLA office meetings
  • Presides over UCIV Steering Committee meetings
  • Responsible for the formulation of the agenda for UCIV Collaborative Board Meetings
  • Responsible for formulating a report of the meeting to be forwarded to Safety Commission and the External Vice President for Local Affairs Office
  • Acts as one of the supervisors for UCIV
  • Assists in formulating and maintaining the inventory of UCIV items
  • Coordinates trainings for representatives to learn to understand implicit bias and the importance of anti-bias and anti-discrimination in acting as a safety representative for the community, how to call first responders, use Narcan/naloxone testing strips, prevent roofying, use fentanyl and roofying test strips.
  • Work with the Alcohol and Drug Program, Gauchos for Recovery and Overdose Prevention Program to establish safety efforts in regard to drug and alcohol consumption for community members.

Position Length:
Number of Openings:

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