UCIV: Board Representative

UCIV is a public program that acts as a mediator between police officers and the community. In the wake of an ever-increasing police presence within Isla Vista, the EVPLA office finds it imperative to look for alternative methods to law enforcement responses in our community. To ensure all residents and UCSB Students of all backgrounds feel protected and at peace in Isla Vista, a student-led mediator program between police officers and the community is needed now more than ever. One way we hope to increase initiatives for a community-based first response to safety concerns is through UCIV! This application will be used for those interested in both the chair position and representative positions.
Please note the application closes on December 1st at 11:59 PM!
Board Representative Duties:
  1. Representatives must work at least six (6) days (Friday or Saturday night) per quarter and attend a quarterly training to earn full honoraria. Note: this means that each Friday or Saturday night worked will pay $50 for working a shift from 9pm-12am.

  2. Representatives will be charged with the responsibility to:

    1. Keep an eye out for residents’ safety and on law enforcement.

    2. Distribute water at AS water stations throughout IV

    3. Connect medical services to those in need

    4. Escort residents to their homes or the Pardall Center Safe Space

    5. Offer warnings to residents in violation of ordinances in order to prevent possible citations

    6. Educate students on cliff and balcony safety

Position Length:
Number of Openings: 18

To Apply, please login with your UCSB NetID