CAB: Treasurer

1) Prepare the boards budget for the following year in conjunction with the Co-Chairs.

2) Responsible for collecting and returning all requisitions to Co-Chairs.

3) Maintain historical financial records of the CAB.

4) Shall contact funding request liaisons within two (2) days after the meeting to inform them of the board’s decision.

5) Attend one (1) A.S. Finance Board meeting per year.

6) Hold three (3) office hours per week.

7) Keep a very detailed account of the CAB budget (online, as well as in a hard-copy binder), bring this binder to every leader meeting and be prepared to share with the board where we currently stand in our budget and always be looking for ways in which we can save money (this may mean doing research for funding requests to find more similar and inexpensive options).

8) Actively participate in the planning process for CAB’s annual Volunteer Week and provide assistance during the week’s events.


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Position Length: One Academic Year
Number of Openings: 0

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