CAB: Special Projects Coordinator

The Special Projects Coordinator is responsible for both organizing special events (YOU MATTER!) and also special projects that are beneficial to CAB (ex: creating a suggestion box). This position requires both creativity and constant reflection and observation to see how we can better use our time and energy.

1) Plan and organize reoccurring CAB special Events (YOU MATTER! And Relay for Life, etc.)

2) Create new sustainable events directed towards the UCSB student body.

3) Hold at least three (3) office hours per week to be served in the Community Affairs Board Office.

4) Responsible for looking for strategies and creating and/or finding tools that CAB can use to reach it’s mission with greater ease and efficiency.

5) Coordinate/Organize CAB’s annual Volunteer Week in collaboration with all other leaders.


If you submit an application via this website, it will not been reviewed by CAB. Please submit an application via their website:

Position Length: One Academic Year
Number of Openings: 0

To Apply, please login with your UCSB NetID