Queer & Trans People of Color (QTPOC) Engagement Coordinator

Duties and Powers 1) Queer & Trans People of Color Engagement Coordinator is a dedicated leader within the UCSB LGBTQIA+ community. A non-QTPOC student who is an emerging leader in the UCSB LGBTQIA+ community can be appointed to this position with a two-thirds (2/3) majority approval by the voting membership. 2) Work with Co-Chairs to organize and execute all duties related to the annual QTPOCC conference. 3) Serve as a liaison to other campus organizations that are QTPOC oriented whose mission statement seeks to improve the status of students with queer sexualities and genders and their allies such as, but not limited to Black Quare, La Famlia de Colores, and Queer Asian Pacific Islanders. 4) Work with the RCSGD to plan at minimum one (1) event dedicated to the outreach/advocacy of QTPOC at UCSB per quarter. 5) Actively be working on a project that will bring positive change to the queer and trans community. Create a strategy chart and give themselves a set of deadlines that will lead to the end of the quarter or the completion of the project. Revise deadlines as the project advances. At the end of each quarter, turn in a progress report and indicate potential changes or improvements. 6) Attend all meetings. 7) Hold a minimum of two (2) regularly scheduled office hours per week.

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