TQCOMM Administrative Chair

1) Record and be responsible for distribution of minutes to members, officers, the Senate, and organizations which request updates within the next business day.

  1. a) Distribute minutes to members upon request.
  1. b) Keep a record of all meeting attendees and an updated list of all voting members.

2) Keep an Excel sheet with the commission’s budget to be updated weekly and either kept on the A.S. Queer Commission office computer, or distributed to all of the elected members.  2) Maintain an updated record of the budget that will be updated weekly and includes all expenditures of the commission, and distribute it to all officers members on a regular basis.   3) Oversee an A.S. Queer Commission archive.  4) Be a member of the Pride Steering Committee and record and be responsible of Pride minutes and distribute Pride minutes to members in A.S. Trans & Queer Commission on a weekly basis. 5) Present tri-weekly reports on what funds remain in the budget for the quarter for Trans & Queer Commission.   6) Hold two (2) regularly scheduled office hours per week.  7) Maintain an updated record of the history of stipulations given by Queer Commission to organizations we have funded.  8) Work with Co-Chairs to address all financial emails in a timely fashion. 9) Outreach to community organizations (such as the RCSGD, Black Quare, La Familia de Colores, etc.) at the beginning of every quarter to ensure a bridge of communication is maintained & to reassure Trans & Queer Commission’s commitment to funding LGBTQIA+ events.     

Position Length: One Academic Year
Number of Openings: 1

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