Queer Commission: External Coordinator

1) Stay abreast of the political environment and issues pertaining to the trans & queer community on a local, state-wide and national level and give a brief update to the commission at each meeting.

2) Serve as a liaison and attend meetings to state and union wide organizations such as University of California Student Association (UCSA), the Office of the External Vice President of Local Affairs, the Office of the External Vice President of State Affairs, and the University of California LGBTQIA+ Steering Committee (SCOM/UCQC) and to the greater University of California queer and trans community. 

 3) Bring LGBTQIA+ visibility to the state-wide/national forefront by maintaining a working relationship with Lobby Corps. 

4) Hold a minimum of two (2) regularly scheduled office hours per week. 

5) Work on outreach to the surrounding Tri-County queer and trans high school/youth, and/or alumni communities. 

Position Length: One Academic Year
Number of Openings: 1

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