TQCOMM Co-Chairs

1) Stay abreast of the political environment in the community.  2) Facilitate all Commission meetings or, if unable, delegate said responsibility to another officer.  3) Handle public relations for the Commission and serve as the official spokesperson(s) for the Commission.  4) Coordinate the operations of all special projects and attempt to be of help in any problem or issue that may arise.  5) Hold a minimum of three (3) regularly scheduled office hours per week.  6) Be responsible for the fiscal management of the Commission and for checking and maintaining the Trans & Queer Commission email in collaboration with the Administrative Chair.  7) Prepare the Commission’s budget for the following year.  8) Present at least two (2) reports to the Senate per quarter regarding the activities of the Commission.  9) A.S. Assembly each quarter.  10) Be available for reference with respect to questions and inquiries on Commission’s past past Commissions.  11) Have a working relationship with all of the A.S. Executive Officers, and keep the A.S. Executive Offices accountable to issues pertaining to the Trans & Queer community.  12) Coordinate a quarterly retreat for all of the Commission’s membership in order to create strategy charts for the Commission’s special projects, as well as create a schedule of deadlines and events for the quarter.  13) Meet with each Commission officer at the beginning of each quarter (and follow up with an additional meeting if necessary) to keep officers accountable and aware of their position’s responsibilities, expectations, and project(s).  14) Recruit Co-Chairs if not selected during Spring Elections. 15) Collect quarterly progress reports from each board member by Week 9 of every quarter.

Position Length: One Academic Year
Number of Openings: 2

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