President’s Office: Mental Health Coordinator

The Commissioner of Mental Health will provide student input to administrative bodies, create policy proposals regarding the quality of student mental health and wellness services, and monitor major student mental health concerns

1) Act as a liaison to A.S. Commission on Student Well Being.

2) Work in coordination with the A.S. COSWB and the Office of the President to identify areas of needed improvement in the quality and availability of campus facilities, and create policy proposals and resolutions that will promote those improvements.

3) Help put on quarterly programs to get feedback and opinions from the undergraduate student body in regards to the condition, use, and quality of campus mental health facilities.

4) It is strongly recommended that this position serves as the official Associated Students representative to the following Academic Senate and Administrative Advisory Committees: Alcohol and Other Drug Work Group, Student Health Advisory Committee, UCEN Health and Safety Committee, and the Gaucho Health Insurance Committee (GHI).

5) Stay informed on all actions, legislations, and pending business of the Academic Senate and Administrative Advisory Committees that deal with mental health issues and, to the best of their ability, advocate on behalf of students when issues that affect students are discussed.

6) Serve two (2) office hours per week dedicated to fulfilling all responsibilities of the commissioner position.

7) Serve a term of one (1) academic year.

Position Length: 1 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 1

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