Pardall Center Governance Board: Chairperson

The Pardall Center Shared governance board serves the Pardall center which is funded by UCSB’s associated students. This board meets to discuss and come up with solutions and policies regarding the Pardall Center with respect to the Isla Vista community. This board is also in charge of managing the Pardall Center’s budget. Serving on this board is a great way to gain knowledge of the policies and the culture that is Isla vista and its relation to Associated Students as well as the University.

In this role the chairperson will act as the spokesperson of the board by

  • Calling and conducting meetings
  • Set the board’s agenda
  • Shall maintain communication and work together with Pardall Center staff
  • Shall lead the completion of the board’s budget
  • Shall take the responsibility in guiding other committee members on the board

Position Length: 1 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 1

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