Outreach Chair

Duties and Powers of the Outreach chairs:

1)  Either choose to manage or create a  Book Bank project  from when position begins or start a new campaign. Campaigns may include but are not limited to introducing the Book Bank source on campus, networking with other orgs in creating an increase of book donations for the Book Bank. Projects must focus on creating an atmosphere for students not only to donate but also use the Book Bank. 

 2)  Create a detailed journal to keep track of campaigns/projects on a quarterly basis
3)  Follow general campaign strategy and reach out to advisor for guidance. Structure varies by quarter:

a) Fall: Identify campaign goals, team, roles, potential allies/stakeholders, relevant resources, create a detailed timeline, and begin outreach to important stakeholders

b) Winter: Reflect on Fall Quarter with Advisor and Chairs and re-adjust timeline and goals. Collaborate with other organizations and allies.

c) Spring: Reflect and reformulate timeline and goals and determine status for the succeeding year and incoming leadership if an ongoing campaign.

4)  Collaborate with relevant on- and off-campus organizations.
5)  Involve non-voting and voting members in the chosen campaign
 6)  If campaign to span more than elected year, train successors.

Position Length:
Number of Openings:

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