CoC: Internal Liaison

Duties and Responsibilities of the A.S. Internal Liaison:

1. Maintains active contact with the Boards and Committees Chairs and Vice Chairs to update them on any relevant information from the Committee on Committees. Contact Committee Chairs with information about appointments processes, recruitment events, and open positions.

2. Coordinates a quarterly meeting of all A.S. Chairs outside of A.S. Assembly.

3. Helps publicize A.S. Assembly to all A.S. entities.

4. Holds at least three (3) regular posted office hours per week.

5. Collects each A.S. Entities meeting time and location at the start of each quarter to be displayed online and in A.S. Main.

6. Attends all meetings of the Committee on Committees and A.S. Assembly

7. Creates an annual A.S. Brochure that includes all A.S. Entities.

8. Coordinates with Creative Media to publish a quarterly newsletter of accomplishments of A.S. Entities and the Association as a whole.

9. Board, Commission, Committee, and Unit meetings as necessary.

10. Serves as an active member of the Committee on Honoraria.

11. Develops curriculum for and coordinates AS Orientation for all Associated Students Officers.

12. Fulfill other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Chair.

Position Length: 1 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 2

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