Office of the Student Advocate (OSA): Student Conduct Caseworker

A Social Conduct Caseworker assists in all matters requested by the Student Advocate General and/or the Chief of Staff regarding cases pertaining to Social Conduct. They collaborate with the Chief of Staff in devising policy changes, conducting casework, and special projects pertaining to Social Conduct. They are proficiently knowledgeable of University Social Conduct policies, rules, and regulations. They will analyze and track casework to plan and coordinate quarterly community projects pertaining to Social Conduct. A Caseworker will hold a minimum of four (4) office hours per week.

A Social Conduct Caseworker Shall attend at least one (1) meeting of each social conduct Board and Commission such as; Take Back The Night, Public Safety Commission, and Commission on Student Well Being per quarter

Position Length: 1 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 2

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