Office of the Student Advocate (OSA): Chief of Staff

The OSA Chief of Staff specializes in internal office affairs, maintaining the day to day operations of the OSA
including the assignment and follow up of case work in coordination with the Division Directors and advising organizations. They strive to assist in all duties performed by the Student Advocate General as requested and are responsible for planning and implementing all staff training sessions. They should be proficiently knowledgeable of University and system wide policies, rules, and regulations.The Chief of Staff is responsible for tracking and overseeing the progress of the Advocacy Agenda and quarterly projects of the office staff and push to keep Office of the Student Advocate Staff accountable in learning and applying university and system-wide policies, rules, and regulations. Beyond this they will schedule office staff to attend campus events, meetings with clubs and organizations, and meetings with administration.

The Chief of Staff will hold a minimum of six (6) office hours per week week dedicated to fulfilling all
responsibilities of the position.

Position Length: 1 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 1

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