Office of the Controller: Venture Inception Coordinator

Some responsibilities of the include: Seek out and implement new sustainable units across campus.Maintain contact with new-venture/entrepreneurial repositories on campus, including but not limited to the Technology Management Program, the New Venture Competition, the Entrepreneurial Association, and the Bren School Eco-Entrepreneurship Program, to identify potential new A.S. ventures or enterprises. Develop a proposal for new A.S. ventures and submit proposed concept to the Controller as well as the Assistant Controller for approval.

The Office of the Controller works towards maintaining and aiding both the business services offered by AS and the creation and development of new ventures on the UCSB campus. Business services we consistently work with include AS Cashiers’ and Tickets Office, AS Publications, and AS Bike Shop. Our most popular created venture is the Technology Rental Program, where students can rent iClickers for $5!
Other responsibilities of the Controller’s office and relevant positions available on pages 115-118 of AS Legal Code:

Position Length: 2017-2018 School Year
Number of Openings: 1

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