Office of the Attorney General: The Solicitor General

  1. Maintain a strong knowledge of the A.S. UCSB Legal Code as well as the A.S. Financial Policies and Procedures.
  2.  In the absence of the Attorney General, assume the duties and powers of the Attorney General.
  3. Assist and advise the Attorney General with the prosecution of cases brought to Judicial Council.
  4. Direct the OAG staff, under the guidance of the Attorney General, to work on cases involving violations of the A.S. UCSB Legal Code, including the assignment and follow-up of case-work.
  5. Organize and co-facilitate weekly staff meetings. Check in regularly with office staff to provide support in their work.
  6. Assume or delegate the responsibilities of any vacant positions within the OAG until such position is filled.
  7. Attend three (3) Senate meetings on behalf of, or in addition to, the Attorney General.
  8. Hold a minimum of two (2) weekly office hours. j) Attempt to attend at least one (1) meeting per quarter of all other Associated Students regular meetings as time permits.
  9. Attend at least two (2) meetings per quarter of the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Business.
  10. Actively seek out violations of the elections code to be reported to the elections committee.

Position Length: 1 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 0

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