Office of the Attorney General: Attorney General

A) Be empowered to investigate and prosecute any potential violations of the ASUCSB Legal Code.
1) The Attorney General shall have the chief responsibility for litigation presented by the
B) Advise those who bring their own cases.
C) Hold a minimum of three (3) weekly office hours.
D) Be an Ex-Officio member of all A.S. Boards and Commissions, Senate Committees, and Units.
E) Attend all meetings of the Senate Standing Committee on Constitution and By-laws.
F) Maintain a working knowledge of the Constitution and By-Laws.
G) Maintain a strong knowledge of the A.S. Legal Code as well as the A.S. Financial Policies and
H) Work with all Associated Students groups or officials to prevent violations of the A.S. UCSB
Legal Code.
I) Represent the Associated Students in the prosecution of policy violations in which case the
Attorney General will represent their office.
J) Attend at least five (5) meetings per quarter of the Associated Students Senate.
K) Attend at least three (3) meetings per quarter of the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and
L) Attend at least one (1) meeting per quarter of all other Associated Students regular meetings as
time permits.
M) Be knowledgeable on the actions of the A.S. Executives as well as their job duties as stated in the
A.S. UCSB Legal Code.
N) Meet regularly with the following entities:
1) The Internal Vice President bi-monthly
2) The President bi-quarterly
O) Act as the Chief Legal Counsel to the A.S. Senate.
P) Ensure there is proper implementation of all directives made by the A.S. Senate

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