GGC Mental Health Advocate

  1. Shall promote awareness of international student mental health issues locally, nationally, and in the University of California system.
  2. Shall proactively advocate for and find ways to address mental health needs in the international student community.
  3. Shall actively act as a liaison between the Global Gaucho Commission and CAPS is responsible for: – Helping to bring about cooperative efforts between the Global Gaucho Commission and CAPS. Advocating for equal access of CAPS and other mental health resources for the international community to and within CAPS. Keeping track of any changes within CAPS.
  4. Shall provide a weekly report to the commission with current mental health concerns in the international student community and any ongoing updates and cooperative efforts from and with CAPS.
  5. Shall hold a minimum of two (2) office hours per week.
  6. Shall serve as an available aid to the chairs and other committee members in their event and project planning.

Position Length:
Number of Openings: 1

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