Isla Vista Tenants Union: Technology Director

Please apply using this link: IVTU Application 2022 


The IVTU Technology Director is primarily concerned with the maintenance of IVTU’s websites. This means updating the IVTU main website, as well as its Spanish and Mandarin versions. The Director is also the lead on other TU projects such as Rate My IV Rental.


1) Attends weekly IVTU meetings.

2) Attends IVTU-sponsored events to the best of their ability.

3) Spends a minimum of three (3) regularly scheduled hours per week at the IVTU office working on IVTU-related business or casework.

4) Work on at least two (2) IVTU projects per quarter.

5) Table at least (1) hour per quarter.

6) Manage and update the IVTU website regularly, as well as any other sites managed by IVTU, including but not limited to “Rate my IV Rental”. 

7) Facilitate and moderate the “Rate my IV Rental” website.

8) Actively work to improve and adapt the websites, and supplement the services offered on the websites to make them more efficient and user-friendly.


Position Length: 1 year
Number of Openings: 1

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