International Student Engagement Coordinator

Duties and Powers 1) International Coordinators are international students who are newly introduced to UCSB and the UCSB LGBTQIA+ community.
2)  Stay abreast of the political environment and issues pertaining to the Trans & Queer Community on an international level and give brief updates to the commission at each meeting. 3)  Serve as a liaison & attend meetings to other campus organizations whose mission statement seeks to improve the status of students with queer sexualities and genders for international students and their allies, such as Queer Asian Pacific Islanders (QTAPI) and UndocuQueer and UndocuTrans. 4)  Work with the Vice (Pride) Chairs to ensure at least one international outreach/advocacy event is planned for UCSB Pride Week. 5)  Hold a minimum of two (2) regularly scheduled office hours per week.

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