CoC: Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator

Duties and Responsibilities of the Outreach and Recruitment Coordinators:

1. Be responsible for planning and organizing at least one (1) major recruitment fair per quarter. This recruitment fair shall be considered an A.S.-wide event.

2. Collaborates with the External Chair to coordinate Associated Students Week of Welcome events and tabling.

3. Table for a minimum of five (5) hour per quarter in a public place. These hours must be spent actively recruiting students to A.S. entities and Administrative Advisory Committees or Academic Senate Committees.

4. Publicize Associated Students and Committee on Committees through social media.

5. Develop new and innovative ideas for targeted recruitment.

6. Hold a minimum of two (2) office hours per week.

7. Attend all meetings of the Committee on Committees.

8. Coordinate tabling for events at UCSB and in Isla Vista including but not limited to Week of Welcome, Pardall Carnival, Chilla Vista, OSL Organization Fairs and Spring Insight.

9. Publicize the AS Newsletter and AS Brochure developed by the Internal Liaisons.

Position Length: 1 Academic
Number of Openings: 4

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