CoC: Internal Chair

Duties and Powers of the Internal Chair:

1. Ensure that the responsibilities of the Vice Chair, Internal Liaisons, Shared Governance Coordinator, Internal Climate Coordinators and Outreach and Recruitment Coordinators are met.

2. Report at three (3) Senate meetings each quarter including the Senate meeting immediately following a meeting of the A.S. Assembly.

3. Work with the Committee to schedule, advertise, and attend interviews of applicants for A.S. Committee positions (when needed) and student representative positions on Academic Senate and Administrative Advisory Committees.

4. Plan AS Assembly including but not limited to coordinating location, programming and advertising.

5. Hold at least five (5) regular-posted office hours per week.

6. Must work with the A.S. Internal Vice President to put Committee appointments on the A.S. Senate agenda for ratification and submit relevant contact information for new appointees to the AS List Serves.

7. Report weekly to the Committee on Committees on which positions are open; track all resignations and removals from office.

8. Work with the chairs of A.S. entities to ensure necessary membership is met.

9. Ensure a positive climate is maintained in Associated Students through the direct oversight of internal climate projects and events that facilitate communication, teamwork, and leadership development.

10. Chair all of the Committee on Committees meetings with the External Chair.

11. Be an active member of the Office of the Internal Vice President.

12. Be a non-voting, Ex-officio member of all other A.S. entities.

13. Collaborates with the External chair to plan quarterly retreats for the Committee.

14. Be responsible for the fiscal management of the Committee and in conjunction with the External Chair, shall prepare the Committee’s budget for the following year.

15. Works in conjunction with the Committee on Committees Internal Liaison a to run the AS Proxy Bank and conduct any necessary trainings.

Position Length: 1 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 1

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