CAB: Hunger/Houseless Co-Coordinator

1) Plan and implement programs that will have a sustainable impact on the homeless community in Isla Vista. This position will be run by two (2) coordinators who will share the following duties.

2) Coordinate at least three (3) events each quarter benefiting hunger or houseless issues.

3) Connect with local organizations (churches, Street Health Outreach, etc.) who share a similar mission to serve the houseless in our community.

4) To hold one (1) office hour per week exclusive to CAB related meetings and fieldwork.

5) Organize and lead at least one meal a week serving the houseless (ie: Breakfast Club).

6) Look for more substantial ways to help ease or solve the issue of houseless or hunger per quarter for the weekly meetings.

7) Responsible for selecting one (1) speaker who can talk about the issue of houseless/hunger per quarter for the weekly meetings.

8) Actively participate in the planning process for CAB’s annual Volunteer Week and provide assistance during the week’s events.


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Position Length: One Academic Year
Number of Openings: 0

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