AS Womxn’s Commission: Herstory Coordinator

The fun: Womxn’s Commission is a dynamic group of student leaders educating and advocating for equity and change on this campus. As members of the board it is your duty to constantly stay in tune with UCSB’s ever changing campus climate and use Womxn’s Commission as a platform to address any concerns female, femme, and gender non conforming students or community members may have. Board members should be interested in social justice education, event planning, public speaking, and community building.

Logistics: The Herstorian is responsible for steering the leadership and vision of the commission. They should expect to dedicate a minimum of six hours a week to the commission in the form of: 3 office hours, 1 hour officer strategy meeting, and the weekly 2 hour general body meeting. These stipulations are put into place so the commission can function as a cohesive unit, allowing officers to work collaboratively and properly prepare for each week’s meeting with the general campus. Herstory is the annual magazine WomCom publishes in order to elevate and showcase the talented multimedia female artists UCSB has. As a result, the Hestorian should have a keen interest in art and activism and have prior interest or a commitment to learning Photoshop, InDesign, and other creative platforms that will be necessary for publishing the magazine. The Herstorian should be plugged into creative organizations on campus to collaborate with and is in charge of creating a call for submissions in order to yield a diverse array of artwork.

Position Length:
Number of Openings: 1

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