GGC: Outreach Coordinator

Duties of Outreach Coordinator:

1. Shall serve as a liaison between the committee and the staff for the Residence Hall Association.

2.  Shall assist RHA in the creation of programs and events that may align in conjunction with many of GGC’s projects, campaigns, and initiatives.

3. Shall attend at least two (2) RHA Coordinating Board meetings and five (5) residence hall council and/or hall council executive board meetings per quarter.

4. Shall provide a weekly report to the commission with international community concerns specific to the day-to-day life, community, and atmosphere in the on-campus residence halls and any ongoing updates and cooperative efforts from and within RHA.

5. Shall promote the overall cultural visibility of international students within the UCSB student body.

6. Shall advocate for cultural understanding between different international student communities as well as other culturally based communities at UCSB.

7. Shall be responsible for maintaining GGC’s relationships with the various international community organizations and their respective leaders.

8. Shall provide a weekly report to the commission on the activities of the various international community organizations.

9. Shall hold a minimum of two (2) office hours per week.

10. Be responsible for supporting cross-cultural relationships between international students on campus as well as advocating for housing concerns of international students

11. Shall serve as an available aid to the chairs and other commission members in their event and project planning.


Position Length:
Number of Openings: 1

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