External Vice President of Statewide Affairs Office: Voter Registration Director

Primary organizer of Voter Registration efforts for UCSB and Isla Vista. Works closely with the Voter Registration Volunteer Coalition to recruit volunteers and coordinate outreach efforts aimed at registering the maximum number of students to vote. Responsible for coordinating voter registration efforts directed at all facets of the campus community. Would also be the coordinator for the UCSA campaign UCweVote and work with the Campus Organizing Director on any and all duties related to that campaign. The UCweVote campaign was established for the purpose of increasing the legislative power of the association and its constituents through organizing non-partisan voter registration, education, and turnout efforts for every state and federal elections on UC campuses. Must be available to coordinate voter registration for move-in weekend prior to the beginning of Fall quarter. Prior experience in volunteering with voter registration efforts preferred.

The official duties of the Voter Registration Director are:

  1. Act as the official organizer of activities related to voter registration.
  2. Attend all A.S. Voter Registration Volunteer Coalition meetings and work with the VRVC to recruit volunteers.
  3. Coordinate voter registration efforts directed at all facets of the campus community including, but not limited to residence halls, students groups and athletics.
  4. Serve as a liaison to Campus Democrats, College Republicans, and any additional political organizations through the Office of Student Life.
  5. Attend all EVPSA staff meetings and quarterly retreats.
  6. Be responsible for any statewide fellows and conduct weekly meetings focusing on voter registration efforts.
  7. Write weekly detailed reports on the progress of voter registration efforts and present all updates at the weekly staff meetings.
  8. Serve (3) office hours per week.
  9. Serve a term of (1) academic year.

Position Length: One (1) academic year
Number of Openings: 1

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