External Vice President of Statewide Affairs Office: Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff is essential in ensuring the progress of the EVPSA office. Responsible for running weekly staff meetings, organizing quarterly staff retreats, directing staff, attending meetings on behalf of the EVPSA, organizing quarterly staff evaluations and office hours, and providing support and guidance to office staff. Must be organized, responsible and willing to learn.

The official duties of the Chief of Staff position are:

  1. Shall attend all meetings on behalf of the EVPSA when they cannot attend.
  2. Work with the EVPSA and other staff on statewide and national issues.
  3. Organize and facilitate weekly staff meetings, monthly all-staff meetings, quarterly retreats, and quarterly staff evaluations.
  4. Work with the Press and Outreach Director to publicize fellowship and conference opportunities in the EVPSA office, as well as be responsible for the selection and organization of delegations to said conferences.
  5. Work with the EVPSA to interview and appoint fellows.
  6. Check in regularly with office staff to provide support and guidance in their work.
  7. Serve four (4) office hours per week, devoted to management of a productive and effective EVPSA office.
  8. Report to Senate a minimum of two (2) times per quarter.
  9. Serve a term of one (1) academic year.

Position Length: 1 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 1

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