External Vice President of Statewide Affairs Office: Campus Organizing Director

The Campus Organizing Director is the primary leader of campus actions and similar projects that address national, statewide, and UC systemwide issues. Will be the lead organizer of the Fund the UC campaign and will communicate with fellow campaign coordinators. Will also be involved in organizing all other UCSA campaigns and directing/assisting each of the Special Projects Coordinators for their respective campaigns. Additional responsibilities include outreach to various campus groups and attending monthly UC Student Association meetings. Must be passionate, motivated, and responsible.

The official duties of the Campus Organizing director are:

  1. Act as the primary organizer of Associated Students for lobby activities, campaigns, and any other activities related to national statewide, and UC system wide issues.
  2. Be a voting member of A.S. Lobby Corps and attend all Lobby Corps meetings.
  3. Serve as a liaison to A.S. Student Commission on Racial Equality, A.S. Women’s Commission, A.S. Queer Commission, A.S. Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee, A.S. Environmental Affairs Board.
  4. Attend all EVPSA staff meetings and quarterly retreats.
  5. Be responsible for any statewide fellows and conduct a weekly campus organizing staff meeting.
  6. Write weekly detailed reports on the progress of issues they are working on and present all updates at the weekly staff meetings.
  7. Serve three (3) office hours per week.
  8. Report to senate a minimum of two (2) times per quarter.
  9. Serve a term of (1) academic year.

Position Length: 1 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 1

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