External Vice President of Statewide Affairs: Deputy Organizing Director

The Deputy Organizing Director will assist the Organizing Director in their duties:

1) Oversee the Community Outreach Liaisons in conjunction with the Organizing Director.
2) Assist the Organizing Director with all campus advocacy efforts.
3) Assist the Organizing Director in the execution of their duties, and in the absence of the
Organizing Director, assume their duties.
4) Attend UCSA Board meetings when the Organizing Director is unable to attend.
5) Take minutes at every Organizing Staff meeting and keep the Organizing Staff’s calendar
up to date.
6) Oversee and manage fellows in conjunction with the Deputy Chief of Staff.
7) Attend all EVSPA staff meetings and quarterly retreats.
8) Serve two (2) office hours per week.
9) Serve a term of one (1) academic year.

Position Length: 1 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 1

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