External Student Coordinator

The External Student Coordinator position is best suited for people interested in connecting LHP with other student orgs on campus.  This role is meant to make LHP more available as a resource for others through event planning and execution.

  • Must be:
    • Able to effectively communicate with others
    • Organized 
    • Knowledgeable of UCSB’s structure and what orgs are part of what system (AS BCUs vs Shoreline orgs)
    • Able to brainstorm and enact creative ideas for LHP events
    • Event Planning Experience preferred
  • Duties:
    • Serve as the representation for the org to outside entities
    • Organize events for Living History Project
    • Coordinate specific events with UCSB Librarians
    • Maintain communication with Associated Students admin, and other institutions 
    • Develop programs or campaigns with outside entities and orgs 
    • Support Chair and other positions in their responsibilities
    • Be Present to each LHP General Meeting 

Position Length: 1 School Year
Number of Openings: 1

To Apply, please login with your UCSB NetID