EVPLA: Food Security Coordinator


  1. Act as a liaison between the association and the Isla Vista Food Cooperative (IVFC) by communicating and participating in the integration of any new collaborations between both organizations.
  2. Prepare and attend all monthly Isla Vista Food Cooperative meetings (minimum of one (1) monthly Board of Directors meeting and possibly one (1) Executive Session and/or committee meeting).
  3. Work with the IVFC Outreach Coordinator to attend a minimum of one (1) outreach event per quarter, including Sunflower Kids Club, an Isla Vista community meeting, or other Isla Vista related tabling event that the Co-op is attending.
  4. Act as liaison to the Food Bank Board.
  5. Serve a minimum of three (3) office hours per week.
  6. Complete at least one (1) project or campaign that promotes cooperative principles and food justice and safety each quarter.
  7. Meet with the four (4) Boards, Commissions, and Units in the Isla Vista Food Cooperative contract and oversee and address any problems.

Position Length: 2024-2025 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 1

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