EVPLA: Community Service District Coordinator


  1. Educating the campus on local Isla Vista governance
  2. 2Organizing a candidate forum for the Community Service District Board of Directors candidates
  3. Creating educational pamphlets on what residents would be voting on in Isla Vista. This year, it was the Measure F pamphlet that showed it would cost 8% of utilities for the services the IV CSD would provide
  4. Coordinating volunteer efforts for non-partisan voter registration along with canvassing in the community on local measures that will be on the ballot.
  5. Attending meetings on voter registration efforts and the Community Service District
  6. Coordinating volunteer efforts for tabling and creating poll maps for election day directing people to their polling locations in IV and on-campus

Position Length: 2024-2025 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 1

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