Elections Board: Chair

1)  Call and preside over meetings throughout the school year.

2)  Report on the major activities of the Board to the Senate.

3)  Responsible for being an authorized signature on the A.S. Elections Account.

4)  Involved in the recruitment of Board members.

5)  Represents the A.S. Elections Board on the Campus Elections Commission.

6)  Responsible for the creation of a timeline for elections.

7)  Shall maintain absolute impartiality in the administration and conduct of all elections.

8)  Shall have jurisdiction over all Associated Students election-related processes during the academic school year.

9)  Ensure that each Elections Board member has been designated a specific duty and that the Elections Board as a whole is working toward upholding the Elections Code.

10)  Hold a minimum of three (3) office hours per week Winter quarter and three (3) office hours per week Spring quarter.

11)  Shall attend all AS Assembly meetings.

Position Length: 1 Year
Number of Openings: 1

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