EAB: Publicity Coordinator

1) Serve as an official representative on outreach activities.
2) Inform UCSB students and community members of EAB activities and other relevant
environmental issues and events. Shall utilize campus, community, national and online
media outlets.
3) Coordinate with all other chairs regarding events and activities that need publicity.
4) Develop outreach materials.
5) Encourage recruitment of new members by holding one (1) “new interest” meeting at the
beginning of the Winter and Spring quarters.
6) Maintain all social media accounts affiliated with EAB.
7) Develop the website and update it with current EAB events, news, and media.
8) Order and maintain Publicity materials (i.e. pamphlets fliers, shirts, water bottles, pens,

Position Length: One Academic Year
Number of Openings: 2

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