Community Volunteer Foundation: Board Member

It shall be the duty of all members to:
a) Perform any and all duties imposed on them collectively or individually by the Mission Statement and/or these bylaws.
b) To review project applications and to consider funding of those found consistent with the Mission Statement.
c) Appoint, remove, employ (except as otherwise provided in these bylaws), and prescribe the duties if any, of all staff, interns, and employees of the Foundation.
d) Supervise grant recipients to assure that their activities and spending are performed properly, legally, and ethically.
e) Must attend all CoVo Foundation meetings.
f) Represent the Foundation on matters pertinent to their jurisdiction and the Foundation Mission Statement, delivering talks before professional, civil, student and lay groups and participating in conferences.
g) Fill board member and staff vacancies as soon as positions become available.

Position Length: 1 Academic Term
Number of Openings: 5

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