CODE: Internal Affairs Co-Chair


  1. Serve as the official representatives and spokespersons of the Commission.
  2. Facilitate and attend all weekly Commission meetings.
  3. Have the primary responsibility for fiscal management.
  4. Prepare the Commission’s budget for the following year.
  5. Present at least two (2) reports to the Senate per quarter regarding the activities of the Commission.
  6. Hold a minimum of four (4) regularly scheduled office hours per week.
  7. Meet at least once (1) a week outside of Commission meetings to plan weekly and quarterly agendas.
  8. Shall meet with the Office of Student Life at least once (1) per quarter.
  9. Work collaboratively with the MCC and other campus entities to promote disability justice awareness on campus.

Position Length: 2024-2025 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 1

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