CMG: Chair

  1.  Stay abreast of the political environment on campus and in the community.
  2.  Facilitate all Commission meetings.
  3. Handle public relations for the Commission and shall be the official spokespersons for the Commission.
  4. Have ultimate responsibility for the fiscal management of the entire Commission, including the preparation of the budget for the following year with the Treasurer.
  5. Present at least two (2) reports to the Senate per quarter regarding the activities of the Commission.
  6. Coordinate the operations of all Committees and attempt to be of help in any problems or issues which may arise.
  7. Plan yearly retreat with new incoming Board.
  8. Attempt to establish and maintain communication among women, non-binary, and trans* organizations throughout the UC system.
  9. Hold a minimum of three (3) regularly scheduled office hours per week.
  10. Shall attend all meetings of the A.S. Senate and at least one (1) ASUCSB Workgroup.
  11. Attend all commission meetings.

Position Length: 1 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 1

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