Chief of Staff

Attend all meetings on the IVP’s behalf when the IVP cannot attend.

Be responsible for the general administrative and clerical functions of the IVP office.

Shall be responsible for maintaining a binder with copies of all requisitions for the IVP office.

Organize and facilitate weekly staff meetings and quarterly retreats.

Check in with office staff at least three (3) times per quarter to provide support and guidance in their work.

Serve as the official Associated Students representative to the following Academic Senate and Administrative Advisory Committees: Council on Planning and Budget.

Stay informed on all actions, legislations, and pending business of the Academic Senate and, to the best of their ability, advocate on behalf of students when issues that affect students are discussed.

Serve a minimum of four (4) office hours per week dedicated to fulfilling all responsibilities of the position.

Shall communicate extensively with the Academic Affairs component at each University of California student government.

Attends all interviews involving Committee on Committees appointments pertaining to Academic Senate (Sub) Committees and Academic Planning and Review Panel student representatives.

Position Length: May 2019-May 2020
Number of Openings: 1

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