External Chair

Duties and Powers of Global Gaucho Commission:

1)  Shall be responsible for representing the international student community at UCSB.

2)  Shall serve as a hub reference point for all international students and student groups.

3)  Shall provide international student groups with event and project funding

4)  Shall maintain a working relationship between EAP in order to collaboratively engage international student participation and awareness.


Duties of the External Chair:

1)  Shall act as a liaison to the OISS and shall be the point of contact for any A.S related matters.

2)  As needed, meet with and advise the Associated Students President, and the Associated Students Senate on all matters pertaining to student life or issues pertaining to the international student community.

3)  Shall hold a minimum of three (3) regularly scheduled office hours per week: two (2) to be held in the AS Main Office, AS Annex, or University Center, and one (1) in Isla Vista

4)  Attend regular meetings of the ISAB (International Student Advisory Board) and ISA (International Student Association), or any other inclusive international student OSL

5)  Work to nurture the relationship between UCSB and the international student community, which may entail the creation of public forums and/or special events/projects in Isla Vista.

6)  Shall attend at least one (1) SCORE (Student Commission on Racial Equality) meeting per month.

7)  Shall attend at least one (1) Public and Mental Health Commission meeting per month.

8)  In conjunction with the Internal Chair and Treasurer, shall prepare the Committee’s budget for the following year.

9) Attend at least two (2) non-consecutive Senate meetings per quarter to report on the committee’s action, with the Internal Chair.

Position Length: 1 Academic Year
Number of Openings: 1

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