Associated Students Office of the President (ASOP): Director of Dream Scholar Affairs

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Position that require you to be from a certain demographic or identity:

Director of Dream Scholar Affairs (requires you to be an undocumented student, work authorization not required)

1) Attend all Dream Scholar Resource Team (DSRT) meetings.
2) Collaborate with Committees on Committees to inform undocumented students about Associated Students and to create a welcoming environment
3) Coordinate and advertise all services and resources related to the undocumented community.
4) Establish and maintain a relationship between IDEAS, the undocumented student support and advocacy group at UCSB, and Associated Students as well as attend all general body meetings
5) Facilitate the creation and maintenance of a resource page for undocumented students on the AS website
6) Hold at least two (2) office hours per week
7) Host at least 1 event every quarter to promote awareness about the undocumented community within Associated Students
8) Keep the A.S. President and Senators up-to-date with current events and information pertinent to the undocumented community
9) Serve a term of one (1) academic year
10) Serve as the official representative to the President on all matters concerning undocumented students.

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