AS Zero Waste: Activities Coordinator

Duties and Responsibilities of the ASZWC Activities Coordinator:

1. Organize at least 4 events each quarter, with each event being:

a) A mandatory leadership retreat (required for officers, optional for members), coordinated with Co-Chairs in the first 4 weeks.

b) Workshops promoting the reduction of waste.

c) Volunteer events that nurture the environment.

2) Work with officers to create events to promote a zero waste lifestyle.

3) Collaborate with other entities to put on activities.

4) Oversee social events for the internal committee.

5) Attend every meeting unless an excused absence is obtained. Maintain necessary communication with the committee regardless of attendance.

6) Meet with Co-Chairs at least twice per quarter.

7) Maintain records of progress for current and future ZWC members.

Position Length:
Number of Openings: 2

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