Office of the President: Continuing Projects Coordinator

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Continuing Projects Coordinator

The Continuing Projects Coordinator will be knowledgeable of all short-term, and especially long- term projects the President is working on. They will stay up to date with those projects in order to advise and inform the incoming President throughout their first quarter in office.

1) Must meet with the AS Executive Director once (1) a quarter to stay informed of ongoing projects within AS and ongoing projects external to AS, particularly in the administration of UCSB, that affect the student body.
2) Shall attend at least two (2) AS Senate meetings per quarter, however, should not feel compelled to report quarterly on continuing projects.
3) Hold a weekly one-on-one meeting with the President.
4) Attend meetings with the President that involve long-term projects and take notes/minutes that should include project timeline, project goals, parties involved, people involved etc.
5) Serve two (2) office hours per week dedicated to fulfilling all responsibilities of the position.
6) Serve a term of at least four (4) quarters over the span of two (2) academic years.

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