Group: University Center Governance Board

The charge of the University Center Governance Board will include, but is not limited to, operations decisions, space allocations, budget, personnel, programming, satellite operations, investments, purpose and image, facilities, services, programs, activities, etc. It shall review and have full authority over the operations and development of the Center with respect to any matters involving policy, including short and long term planning for the financial viability of the UCen. The Board shall be involved in all aspects of the budget process and shall approve the annual UCen budget, business plan, and pricing structures. Implementation of policy will be a function of University Center management. The Board shall not be involved in daily management practices nor impair management’s ability to implement timely business decisions which are consonant with the fiduciary responsibilities outlined in this charge and reflected in the UCen’s budget and business plan. The relationship with and jurisdiction of the Office of the Chancellor and the designated Associate Vice Chancellor shall include, but not be limited to, ensuring that sound fiscal policies are adhered to and that the decisions of the Board are in compliance with the University’s mission, policies, and procedures. Decision of the Board are subject to review and final approval of the Chancellor or the appropriate Associate Vice Chancellor’s Office.

University Center Governance Board

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